Business Cash Advances

Customer Testimonial

This was one of the smoothest and professional brokers I have dealt with in over 10 years. We needed a cash injection to buy stock urgently, we made contacted on the Wednesday and the money was in the bank by Friday. I would recommend the services to anyone and will definitely use them again. 

              Elaine - Owner - Retail Shop                


The Why

Release the future cashflow in your card terminal sales back into your business, NOW

Fill a funding gap:

  • Play a Large Bill

  • Unexpected Expense

  • Fancy a Refit

No Security Required


The What

You can be advanced up to 120% of one month's transaction's through your card terminals. 

Qualifying Criteria:

  • Must have been accepting credit/debit card payments for 5 months

  • Must have card sales over £5,000 per month

  • Must do more than 10 transsactions a month

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The How

You agree a fixed amount and then it is deducted at source, so if you trade less, you pay back less that month.

Paid back over no fixed period and with NO APR.

Payments are taken as a small agreed percentage of a customer’s daily card takings

One cost of finance agreed up front – no hidden fee, late penalties or APR



A business trades £18k through its card machine:

  • £21'600 - Funded Amount

  • 1.15 Factor Rate

  • £24'115 - Amount Repaid

  • 15p - Amont in the Pound Repaid